Английский для среднего уровня


Внимательно прочти каждое задание и выбери из предложенных ниже вариантов ответов тот, который считаешь правильным.

Вставьте в предложения пропущенные слова:

1. This beautiful building .... three
hundred years ago.

 is built
 was build
 has been built
  was built

3. Do you really think they are ... to
buy this expensive car?

 enough rich
 rich enough

5. ... sugar on the table?
 Is there any
 Are there any
 Is there a few
 Are there a few

7. My birthday is ... February 22.

9. At the moment John ... a newspaper.
 is reading
 is read

11. Tom says his house is ... than Greg's.
 more big
 more bigger

13. Hello, Peter. Have you
got ... news for me?

 a few

15. Who ... Jim is a bad boy?
 does say
 does says

17. I think these boys are too
young to wash... .


19. I must tell you that ... too
much beer is dangerous.

 to drink
 to drinking

21. Yesterday I ... an interesting film.

23. How many ... do you want
to have in this wardrobe?


25. ... is the school?-Two miles away.
 How much
 How far
 How long
 How big

27. You ... go to the shop. I
have already bought everything.

 have to

29. George said that he ... see
us in three weeks.

 want's to
2. John said that he ... this place before.
 has never seen
 never saw
 had never seen
 hasn't never seen

4. Before she ... she ... her father.

 came home/had visited
 came home/has visited
 had come /visited
 had came /had visited

6. I am going to England ... English.
 to learn
 for learning
 for to learn
 for learn

8. My parents have been
married ... twenty years.

 out of

10. Do you know when ...?
 will they come
 shall they come
 they will come
 would they come

12. Look at these two bicycles. This
one is ... and the other one is ... .


14. This is ... .
 Peter room
 the room Peter
 Peter's room
 room Peter's

16. When the weather ... good
we will go for a walk.

 will be
 would be

18. I must go to the shop and
buy ... sugar and ... tomatoes.

 a little/a little
 a little/a few
 a few/a little
 a few/a few

20. They hope they can ... it easily.
 to do
 to doing

22. She says she ... dinner at home.
 never eats
 doesn't never eat
 never eat
 don't ever eat

24. ... doctor Smith! Jimmy is sick!
 You call
 You do call
 Call to

26. I looked everywhere but I
could not find ... .


28. What's the time? It's ... .
 three quarter
 a quarter and three
 three past quarter
 a quarter past three

30. They ... so far.
 didn't meet
 haven't met
 don't meet
 weren't meet