Английский для высшего уровня


Внимательно прочти каждое задание и выбери из предложенных ниже вариантов ответов тот, который считаешь правильным.

Вставьте в предложения пропущенные слова:

1. We have already sold two ... .
 pieces of furniture
 pieces of furnitures

3. You ... Mr. Jones. I have
already talked to him about it.

 needn't have rung
 needn't rung
 needn't have ring
 needn't had rung

5. Have you heard the ... news
about the bus accident?

 most lately

7. ... you have proposed is quite reasonable.
 This what
 That what
 It what

9. She often has her white coat ... .
 to clean
 to cleaned

11. Our cat will be ... by our
neighbours when we go on holiday.

 look after
 looked after
 looking after

13. You can use my car provided
you ... by two o'clock.

 are back
 will be back
 will come back
 came back

15. We saw her ... the building.
 to enter
 to have entered

17. How ... say that.
 do you dare
 dare you
 you dare
 are you daring

19. She dreams about ...... London.
 to visit
 visit to

21. We didn't arrive on time and
they didn't ... .

 as well

23. He hasn't bought the tickets. ... we.
 So have
 Either have
 Neither have
 Neither have bought

25. We will call the doctor ... he
feels better.


27. He ... every day.
 used walk
 used walking
 used to walking
 used to walk

29. The book was ... interesting
that I decided to buy it.

 such an

2. You will receive ... information next week.

4. I'm not ... for such a long time.

 used to drive
 use to driving
 used to driving
 used driving

6. I ... of these two cars.
 don't like none
 don't like neither
 like neither
 like none

8. We didn't know it was ... expensive.
 such an
 very much

10. Which of the employees ... on Saturday?
 did work
 do work
 does work

12. If he ... come today, give him
these keys. But I think he'll rather
come tomorrow.


14. He said the information twice
so that everybody ... it.

 could remember
 can remember
 will remember

16. Nobody ... enter this room so far.
 was permitted
 was permit
 has been permission to
 has been permitted to

18. He would like ...... become a doctor.
 his son to
 his son
 that his son
 that his son will

20. Never in my life ...... such a thing.
 have I seen
 I have seen
 I saw
 did I see

22. Neither he ... his wife heard the noise.

24. We waited for her ... 2 o'clock.
 as far as

26. I asked her to help me, but she ... .

28. They haven't been to England, ... ?
 have they
 have they been
 they have
 they haven't

30. We should all help ... .
 the poor
 the poors
 a poor