The European School of Correspondence Courses (ESCC) - the largest educational institution whish is headquartered in Nijmegen, Holland. More than 250 thousand students are studying in 8 ESCC branches: Poland, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, China and Kazakhstan. The Belarusian branch of ESCC was founded in July 1998, during these years we have been spreading the correspondence education in Belarus, offering language, computer, vocational and hobby courses.


The correspondence courses is an alternative for people who want to improve their professional level, learn foreign language, become familiar with computer, but they have no free time. The system of individual education by correspondence guarantees the considerable progress without breaking principal activity, in short space of time and at a reasonable price. You can study whenever and wherever you want, choosing your own training tempo.

We focus our efforts on providing our students with high standards courses and creating the possibility to receive valuable certificates.

European Computer Driving License

According to the agreement of ESCC and Training Technologies Center “BelHard Group” which is ECDL authorized center, after graduating the “European Computer Driving License” course of ESCC the students have the possibility to take the exam for the receiving the international certificate. The European Computer Driving License (ECDL) certificate is universally recognized in Europe, and approved by the Council of Europe's Common European Framework. It certifies the knowledge in the field of the informational technologies concerning the office software and the high level of computer work according to European demands.

This certificate will be an excellent addition to your CV and help you to find a high-paid perspective job in our country as well as abroad. Every employer appreciates high standard of knowledge and experience which are confirmed by the recognized certificate. The ECDL certificate improves your image; marks you out among the range of other candidates for a vacancy as it confirms that you can handle with computer in a professional way.

The European computer driving license consists of 7 modules:
1. Basic Concepts of Information Technology
2. Using the Computer and Managing Files
3. Word Processing
4. Spreadsheets
5. Database
6. Presentation
7. Information and Communication

You can take an examination organized by the Training Technologies Center “BelHard Group” to the address: Melnikaite street, 4, room 307, Minsk. The examination fee is 80 Euro. The ESCC ECDL course graduates can take the exam on preferential terms with 10% discount.

The additional information you can get at ESCC info line by telephone: (017) 291-03-30, from 9.00 am to 9 pm or at “BelHard Group” training center by telephone: (017) 226-84-26, from 9 am to 7 pm.